EMPAQ Resources

EMPAQ Data Submission Resources:

The following documents were developed to assist employers and their strategic partners with the submission of data to EMPAQ

EMPAQ Strategic Partner Resources:

We have created resources specifically for strategic partners to help them in assisting clients with submission of data:

Business Group Resources Related to Health and Productivity

Below are several resources developed by the National Business Group on Health® to assist employers with management of their health, absence and productivity programs. Many of the resources listed below are protected for National Business Group on Health® members only. We regret that nonmembers will not be able to access these resources. If you have questions about membership with the Business Group email Membership@businessgrouphealth.org.

Using the Core EMPAQ Metrics Toolkit to Effectively Measure Your Health, Productivity and Absence Programs
Linking employee health and productivity programs with the overall profitability of the company is becoming increasingly important to the company's overall competitiveness. The EMPAQ Metrics toolkit provides human resources staff, benefits professionals and other corporate leaders working to implement and sustain programs that help employees achieve optimal health and work performance with the metrics to quantify the costs of poor health, productivity and absence.

Value of Investment in Employee Health, Productivity and Well-being
The Value of Investment in Employee Health, Productivity and Well-being Toolkit was designed to highlight how employers can evaluate the total value of their health and productivity strategy. The toolkit includes an introduction to value of investment, a step-by-step guide to building value into your evaluation process, a deeper look at various business outcomes that can be impacted by an H&P strategy and example H&P dashboards.

Integrating Wellness and Occupational Health & Safety in the Workplace
This document highlights a new organizational strategy that integrates work-site wellness, occupational health and safety, human resources and employee benefits activities in an effort to maximize the overall health and productivity of the workforce. It outlines the rational and business case for integration, provides a framework for developing this structure and gives examples of employers who are leading the way.

Telework: The Impact on Health and Health Improvement Strategies
This toolkit provides information about how employers can design a successful teleworking program while complying with important federal and state laws. With a special emphasis on employee health, the toolkit provides employers important considerations about the design of their communications strategy and wellness efforts to ensure equity across all employee populations. The toolkit also highlights how employers can leverage telework within their disability and absence management programs to improve overall employee productivity.

Managing Stress: Employer Strategies & Interventions
This toolkit provides the information necessary to help employers develop a comprehensive stress management strategy, from assessing the prevalence and causes of stress, to reducing common stressors and helping employees better cope with stressful situations. Even for employers who may be unable to tackle stress head on, this toolkit will provide ideas for consideration and implementation.

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