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What is EMPAQ®?

EMPAQ® (Employer Measures of Productivity, Absence and Quality™) is an employer developed and driven measurement tool. It was created by employers to provide other employers credible metrics that they can use to assess the performance of their health, productivity and absence programs. EMPAQ® provides employers with a framework by which to monitor and measure how well their human capital investments are paying off. By focusing on the management of absence, health and productivity programs, EMPAQ® offers valuable insight as HR and benefits professionals assess their strategy and manage costs.

Starting in April, employers will be able to submit company-level data to EMPAQ® about their key health and productivity programs and receive customized individual reports to show how their programs perform compared to other large employers. Truven Health Analytics, a leading data analytics company, in collaboration with the National Business Group on Health, will collect and analyze how successful large employers have been in managing their health, absence and productivity programs.

EMPAQ® Data Submission Resources:

The following documents were developed to assist employers and their strategic partners with the submission of data to EMPAQ®
  • Data Dictionary: Provides detailed definitions of all EMPAQ® measures.
  • FAQs: A summary of common questions asked about EMPAQ®.
  • Submission Checklist: The checklist includes all questions and measures in the EMPAQ® survey.
  • EMPAQ® Sample Report: This is a snapshot of what the individual company report will look like.

In addition, we have created resources specifically for strategic partners to help them in assisting clients with submission of data:

  • Email Template: This template provides an overview of what EMPAQ® is and how it might be valuable to employers/clients.
  • EMPAQ® Basics: This brief slide deck provides an overview of EMPAQ® that can be used when presenting on EMPAQ®.
  • Helping Your Clients with Their Online EMPAQ® Submission: This short instruction sheet highlights how you, as a strategic partner, may be able to directly input information for your clients.

Announcing the new Health Leadership and Business Excellence Award! In an effort to recognize those companies who have effectively managed their health and productivity programs, we have a new award, the Health Leadership and Business Excellence Award. This award will be based on employers’ EMPAQ® submissions. There is no need to submit a separate application.

Questions? Contact us at Empaq@truvenhealth.com or 855-878-8367 (855-TRUVENQ)

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